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If you are familiar with Nose Graze, you are familiar with the wonderful Ashley. She is also the genius behind Creative Whim and Book Host. Within minutes of receiving an email notification that her Book Host was up, I went in and requested my domain and since I was one of the first 10 to do so, Ashley did the move for free. I also purchased a few things, like business cards design, custom social media icons, Twitter background, button, and a new Banner.

About the move – it was completely painless! Ashley and I agreed on a date and within a few hours everything was done!

About Ashley – Ashley is a life saver and a WP self-proclaimed guru. She is wonderful, she’s fast, she answered all my silly questions, and took my tastes in consideration. I’m very happy with the results :)

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Liza from Reading With ABC

I have to say that Book Host has been amazing so far and if you are a book blogger looking to move, highly consider this platform. It’s designed for the book blogger’s convenience which means that it comes with all sorts of plug ins (like the Ultimate Book Blogger) and themes popular in the book blogging world. Right now I’m using Ashley’s (of Nose Graze) Tweak Me theme which comes with a customization menu that is ridiculously easy to use and makes this whole self hosting thing much less scary.

Lindsey from The Day Dreamer and Candy Eater

A few months ago Ashley said that she was considering making her own hosting service. I knew that this was the solution to all my problems.

And when the first 30 customers got a free migration, I jumped at the chance. All the scariness was gone! Ashley did it all for me, and ridiculously fast, as well. It’s been an all ’round amazing experience so far. And she has answered SO MANY QUESTIONS and been so patient with me. She’s just amazing. If you’re thinking of making the swap, use Book Host. I cannot recommend it enough.

Chiara from Books for a Delicate Eternity

Early in March, Ashley from NoseGraze went live with her awesome Book Blogger hosting site, Book Host. I’ve been waiting for this to come out, because I knew we were ready to make the step from WordPress to self-hosted. But Ashley not only makes the transition flawlessly easy, but she has a blogger host dedicated to book bloggers. The plug-ins, including the Ultimate Book Blogger plug-in, plus her amazing templates are drool worthy. So the moment I saw the e-mail in my inbox, I jumped at the chance to sign on.

Jess from Such a Novel Idea

We switched to Bookhost as well and are loving it. Everything loads so much faster and I haven’t encountered the errors I used to on our other host. So nice!

Kristen from The Book Monsters

After completing my migration, I was so incredibly impressed! Ashley responds so quickly to service tickets and I haven’t had any problems on the new site. Her Tweak Me theme was included on the Book Host server, so I can completely customize much of my blog (I’m actually paying for a custom design this month, too). The best part was that the Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin came free with Book Host, which has made my life so much easier! I can’t recommend Book Host and Ashley’s services enough. I was just really happy, as a book blogger, to spend my money with another book blogger who understands and knows the book blogging community’s needs, rather than some faceless company.

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Tara from The Librarian Who Doesn't Say Shh

Ashley (and her team… if there are any) is the absolute best! The reason I changed even though I just started with the other provider is because the price is totally reasonable, but beyond that it’s leaned totally toward the book blogger and WordPress. It’s a one-stop shop for everything you need to run a book blog. The help for your site is there, but also help with WordPress and other things too.


I could sit here and praise her up and sound like some kind of a groupie, but the bottom line is that she sells herself. I’m not sure if she works with others or if it’s just her, but the customer service alone is exceptionally prompt and accurate. She does not miss a single detail in your requests and the turn around time is spectacular.

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Carrie from Bears Read Too!